OpenPizza application helps you to calculate the recipes of pizza and bread dough.

Based on previous ECP project developed by Giovanni Demuro,
now it is freely maintained by G.Demuro with contributions of some pizza lovers.


  • Calculation of the ingredients of the dough, starting either from the weight of the individual ingredients, both the number of shapes that you want to prepare.
  • Calculation of the leavening at room temperature (TA) and mixed (refrigerator and TA), with profiles of calculation for rounded pizza and pizza on backing tin, Neapolitan Pizza and other pizza, and homemade bread, and others.
  • Calculation of the amount of Fresh Brewer's Yeast and Sourdough (Solid and Liquid).
    The calculation is also customizable with a coefficient that allow to adapt the result to the individual needs.
  • Options to set the Autolysis and preferments (Biga or Poolish) proportions and values.
  • Options for the insertion and the calculation of the additives in the recipe (eg. sugar, malt extract, honey, ...).
  • Calculation of the timing of the various stages of processing (autolysis, kneading, leavening, cooking, ...).
  • Allows to easily work online with a clear, simple and complete web user interface.
    The HTML standard interface allow an easy usage on several devices, as desktops and laptops, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.
  • Allows to save and load recipes in standard XML format.
  • Displays the result of the recipes as web page (HTML) on your web browser.
  • Allows the insertion of user annotations and notes in the recipe, saving on the computer and the next load.
  • Send email with your final recipe in PDF format and the recipe in XML format.
  • Multilingual support - Italian, French, English.
  • Utility to allow the calculation of W value (flour strenght) with flour mix, get target W value, correct water pH and others.

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